Spicy Spinsters

My name is Jewel Hopson and I'm a Spicy Spinster. Are you one, too?

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It's easy to find statistics of the number of married women, divorced women and single women with children. But when I tried to research the number of spinsters, all I could find was the number of single, childless, older women in the Middle East. Even so, the number of spinsters is on the rise. We exist and we're growing in numbers.

Let's replace the Old Maids' image with the new Spicy Spinsters!

I'm part of a dynamic group of spicy spinsters who helped changed the way society views women in the work-place and in the home. We're now changing how society thinks of women who never marry. I'm a Pittsburgh based writer contributing to this endeavor with my debut book, Spicy Spinsters: Stories of Seasoned Bachelorettes.

Spicy Spinsters: Stories of Seasoned Bachelorettes is a collection of short stories about women between 38 and 65 years of age who have never married. Each tale begins with a spice relating to the character’s personality or situation. These 21stories are sometimes insightful, sometimes funny and sometimes a little sad. They represent unmarried feminists who helped change the role of women in the Western Hemisphere as well as those who continue adjusting to independence thrust upon them. The women in this book emerge from various economic, ethnic and moral backgrounds. Each is an honest representation of life without Prince Charming. From the atypical virgin, to the high-priced call girl, from the office clerk to the hospital oncologist, these women make up America’s growing number of spinsters.

With few exceptions, the spices known today were used early in human history. The discovery of many spices predates the earliest civilizations, when primitive people were attracted to the aromatic flavorings and effects produced by essential oils found in various plants. The great value put on these plants began before 2000 BC. From the thirteenth century to the fifteenth century, gold seeking expeditions gained financial backing from the spice trade.

Spices became so popular, society introduced other meanings for the word. We frequently use it to mean sexy or "pizazz." Like treasured seasonings, single, middle age women fulfill much of society's fundamental need for stimulation by providing life with spice. Today's spinsters are restorative to many and have elusive qualities, similar to an aphrodisiac.

I've chosen my personal spice. Which spice are YOU ?????.


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Of course you can order Spicy Spinsters from Barnes and Noble,  and a number of online sites like Amazon.com. 

With this blog I intend to share concerns, comments and things Sister Spinsters have in common. I hope you enjoy smooth sailing through this journey of Life Without Prince Charming.


You can tweet me and/or follow my tweets at twitter.com/jewelhopson.

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