Spicy Spinsters


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Finding Men

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Where The Boys Are

Remaining the world’s most popular spice, peppercorn is a climbing vine.

     Hey, do you remember me? I’m Patty, from the first story in Spicy Spinsters. I used to be an introvert, but after listening to a subliminal suggestion tape regarding overcoming shyness, I’ve become at ease with introducing mys...

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Thyme is closely related to basil, oregano and marjoram. With over 100 varieties of thyme, lemon, wild, and garden are the most commonly used. A staple of modern European cooking, thyme works well in almost any dish. Some people believe thyme strengthens the immune system. Its oil has been used in tonics to treat depression, cold and muscular pain.

My name’s Maggie and I’m stepping out of page 162 from the Spicy Spinsters character collection. Although Mary’s my ide...

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Pineapple mint prefers well drained soil. Usually cultivated for ornamental purposes, it’s aromatic and can be invasive.

Hello, I’m the mistress found on page 34 in Spicy Spinsters. So talented and eager to please, I remained a kept woman even when my youthful bloom faded.

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Dining Alone And Other Activities

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The medicinal factor of gingerroot isn’t mentioned in the book. Most of us know to reach for ginger ale when we have a slightly upset stomach. Many people take crystallized ginger (purchased from the spice section at grocery stores) on cruises to prevent sea sickness. Therefore, ginger not only adds flavor to recipes; it’s good for us.

Confidence to do Things Alone


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Favorite Valentine

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Paprika seasons and garnishes many dishes. It’s a powder made from grinding fragrant, sweet pepper pods. The flavor can range from mild to hot. The tough pods take several grindings to produce just the right texture.

How many lovers are too many? I’m glad you asked. Hello, dear friends. I’m the character from “Autonomy” (page 133). I’m the one who confessed my relationships and trysts without shame...

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Valentines' Dinner For Two

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Use carob powder as a food stabilizer or darkening agent.However, it can’t replace the full flavor of chocolate. Nothing represents St. Valentine’s Day like flowers, jewelry and scrumptious chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hello, I’m the caterer from “My Make You Do Wrong Man” (pg.52) If your thinking of having your significant other over for a romantic dinner for two you might want to use my suggest...

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Because of saffron’s expense, it’s important to get every bit of flavor out of it. Substitutes are cheaper, but don’t produce the full flavor.

Hello, if you read Spicy Spinsters, you know me as the high priced call girl from “The Life I Love.” I’m the gal that guys pay more for. . . If you want to get him and keep him, try my advice.


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