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Dining Alone And Other Activities

Posted by [email protected] on March 10, 2012 at 4:05 PM

The medicinal factor of gingerroot isn’t mentioned in the book. Most of us know to reach for ginger ale when we have a slightly upset stomach. Many people take crystallized ginger (purchased from the spice section at grocery stores) on cruises to prevent sea sickness. Therefore, ginger not only adds flavor to recipes; it’s good for us.

Confidence to do Things Alone

Being a Spicy Spinster, I learned long ago the joys of my own company. While it’s nice to share experiences most of the time; being alone with my own thoughts, doing what I want without considering anyone else’s agenda or time is less stressful. Food can taste better if you don’t have to justify the fattening sauce you just had or the desert you ordered. Furthermore, there are times after lunch that I love to slowly browse in shops and feel irritated when others want to zip into boutiques, get what they want and get going.

You met me on page 96 in Spicy Spinsters: Stories of Seasoned Bachelorettes. Perhaps that’s when I learned to enjoy my own company. If I didn’t spend a lot of time with other people, I wouldn’t talk about my love affair. Billie Holiday used to sing, “Love will make you do things that you know is wrong.”

Sometimes I miss my youthful days when I was a flight attendant on layovers by myself. I didn’t have to consider anyone’s activity priorities but my own. Not everyone wants to spend an entire afternoon on the beach or in a museum. And have you ever tried to get a group of 10 people to agree on which Broadway production to see? You can probably tell I was not one who thought the entire crew had to stick together.

Life’s precious whether you’re having fun with someone or if you’re savoring it by yourself. As the young people say, “It’s all good!”

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