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Pineapple mint prefers well drained soil. Usually cultivated for ornamental purposes, it’s aromatic and can be invasive.

Hello, I’m the mistress found on page 34 in Spicy Spinsters. So talented and eager to please, I remained a kept woman even when my youthful bloom faded.


When I first started going through a rather early menopause, I panicked. I thought I had nothing to look forward to but a wrinkled face, a saggy body, a thinning scalp and shriveling vaginal walls. However, these days of quick fixes, modern medicine and surgery can pull together even the most undisciplined woman who refused to exercise or use sunscreen. Therefore the book can be as good as the cover! Your gynie can see to it that you remain Juicy Miss Libido Lucy for as long as the clock ticks.

Say what you want about the good ol’ days, but our grandmas didn’t strut their stuff when they were our age the way we do. Back then a cougar was just a big cat. While there’s nothing wrong with hunting much younger men, don’t write off the men your own age or even men slightly older than you are now. A healthy, older “gentleman”* is much more generous than the young “slick” who is probably wondering what you can buy for him.

While it’s true, the young bucks have more fire (and that hot energy might kindle the flames faster than a ember), there are reasons sex with a senior man could be the best you’ve ever had. Your old older man’s hormones are no longer off the charts, but he is able to touch his lady unselfishly and patiently, without making her feel rushed.

Mature men have knowledge and experience, whether he’s been one year with 50 women or 50 years with one woman. If a good sex life is part of his past it’s probably because he was tuned in to his partners’ needs. Now you can be the beneficiary of that knowledge base.

An older man has more confidence, and isn’t trying to prove he’s the greatest lover of all time. He knows lovemaking is just between the two of you, and the time he spends with you isn’t a competition between him and any lover(s) you had in the past. He has nothing to prove. In short, he’s pleasing you for the right reasons.

* I said “gentleman.” I didn’t say cantankerous, old cheapskate.

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