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Where The Boys Are

Remaining the world’s most popular spice, peppercorn is a climbing vine.

     Hey, do you remember me? I’m Patty, from the first story in Spicy Spinsters. I used to be an introvert, but after listening to a subliminal suggestion tape regarding overcoming shyness, I’ve become at ease with introducing myself to men. Now I can give you some helpful advice.

     There’s an old movie called “Where the Boys Are” about college students going to Florida for spring break. Available, good looking young men having what we used to call “potential” flocked to the beach in that flick. Like the movie, there were plenty of “fish in the sea” in our youthful days.

     As we got older, the sea turned into a lake with fewer fish. That’s when we became less particular and began holding our heads perpendicular when we looked at “prospects.”

     When the lake dried up, we found ourselves standing in a puddle trying to fish while competing with younger women. That kind of competition used to threaten me until I understood I own something the younger set doesn’t have—experience. You just have to let a man know what’s best for him—you of course.

     With all the bravado gents pretend to have, they’re nervous about new romantic endeavors just like the ladies. Sometimes you need to muster the confidence to visit their habitats. You can find them online, or you can go the traditional route. But you do have to make yourself visible.

     Do you remember being a young child covering your eyes with your hands and saying, you can’t see me, because I can’t see you? That’s just as silly as hiding behind your door at home every night, staring at the TV all alone and wondering why you can’t find a “good” man. In other words, you have to put yourself out there and not only look, but you have to make sure men see you, too. How are you supposed to connect with someone if you never make yourself available? Even if you search online, sooner or later you have to go somewhere to meet the guy.

     Many people enjoy going to bars to seek romance. Personally, that’s just not my scene. I get a little dippy after my first stiff one (maybe I should I say strong drink?). Alcohol changes people and at our age you can’t waste time waiting until someone’s sober to see if you want to let him into your life. Instead, you might try classes one or two nights a week where you think men might be that have similar interests to yours. (Use a little common sense in this area. I don’t know about you, but the man of my dreams isn’t likely to take a cake decorating class).

     Make a list of every place you think men might be and get creative. Don’t forget men are boys in grown-up bodies. For instance, I bet if you take a kite to the park on a windy day, you’ll have new playmate in no time at all.

     We’d all like to find Christian Grey with his seductive 50 shades. He’s rich, good looking, complex and willing to explore a woman’s fantasies (not to mention sharing his). But even though he made grey my favorite color, I have to admit Mr. Fifty’s kind of scary. He’s far too intense. It’s ok to work hard, but some of us just like to relax when we play.

     Stay open to dating all kinds of men with different characteristics. Accept that since you’re not perfect, you’re not likely to find a man without flaws. Although it’s important to have chemistry between you and your future man, sometimes it takes a little time. The guy, who was average when you first met, might take a little time to show he’s a real gem.

     Be careful of con artists. Even if you play the cougar and a much younger man is your delicious prey, make sure no one becomes financially dependent upon you. (Need I remind you of the two homeless guys in Spicy Spinsters? I hate to admit it, but I was attracted to a dazzling vagabond).

     Now that I’ve given you a few tips, don’t wait for cupid to shoot an arrow. Get in the ring and give it the ol’ one-two punch. The guy will never know what hit him until after he’s fallen in love.


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